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FAQ about Electric-Cars

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions:

Q:What is an electric vehicle?
An electric vehicle is propelled by an electric motor powered by electricity, which is stored in a rechargeable battery or in some cases, in a fuel cell. Electric cars are known to be very quiet and able to provide instant torque for a strong and smooth acceleration, while being a lot more energy efficient than gasoline cars. You can find more detailed information in our section “Definition and Types of Electric Cars”.
Q:What does it mean: “Plug-in”, “Hybrid”, “BEV”, “PHEV”, “FCV”? 
The term “Plug-in” refers to the fact that the car is able to recharge the power of its onboard battery by plugging into an external power source – Simply put, the car has a plug. The term “Hybrid” means that there are two different sources of power available. For example, an electric engine and a combustion engine. There are several classifications for different levels of Hybrids depending on which power source plays a bigger role. BEV stands for Battery Electric Vehicle an describes a pure electric car does not have any gasoline engine. Find out more details on all the terms that might be confusing in our information section“Definition and Types of Electric Cars.”
Q:What are the specifications of an electric car and what do they mean? (kW, kWh, Nm etc.)
The most important specifications for an electric car are “kW – KiloWatt”,”kWh – KiloWatt hours”, “hp – Horsepower” and “Nm – Newtonmeter”. We have a very detailed information section about the meaning of all the important specifications you need to know about right here: Specifications Of An Electric Car
Q:Are Electric Cars environmentally friendly? 
The answer to this question is very simple – It depends! Find out why there is no easy yes or no answer to this question in our article Benefits Of An Electric Car
Q:How much are the costs of ownership for an EV?
Of course the cost of ownership will vary drastically depending on the buying price of the model you choose. Other than that the cost of ownership will probably be cheaper than for a car with an internal combustion engine. Please find more interesting details about the cost of ownership in our section Benefits Of An Electric Car
Q:What is the driving experience of an EV?
EV’s are known for being quite and offering a smooth driving experience. Due to their immediate torque they are also known to have a quicker acceleration than gasoline powered cars. In our section Benefits Of An Electric Carwe show how amazing it can feel like to drive an electric car.
Q:What models of electric cars are available in Hong Kong?
Most of you have seen a Tesla Model S or a BMW i3 on the streets of Hong Kong. But there are actually a lot more models which are type approved by the HK Government. In our section “Available electric cars in HK”
Q:What are the governmental benefits of driving an EV in Hong Kong?
If you are looking to buy a new electric car you will be happy to hear that there are some governmental incentives in HK that you can profit from. In our section “EV Governmental Benefits” we give an overview of those benefits.
Q:What is the difference between a standard and a quick charger?
There are basically 3 different classes of chargers: Standard-, Semiquick- and DC Quick charger. They differ in charging time and availability in HK. In our section “Available charging technologies and standards” we explain in detail what the differences of those technologies are and what is important to know.
Q:How reliable is the battery of an electric car?
The battery can be seen as the heart of the EV and many people have several question about the battery of their electric car. The battery technology has been developing fast in the last couple of years and even month. The continuous improvement of battery cells increases the attractiveness of electric cars because cars will get cheaper and will be able to offer a much bigger range. In our section“Battery of an electric car” we explain in detail everything you need to know about battery life, battery warranry and battery research.
Q:Where can I charge my EV in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is known to be one of the cities with the highest density of charging points worldwide. There is a high number of different charging stations in Hong Kong provided by different operators. In our section “Where to charge your electric car in Hong Kong” we explain in detail everything you need to know about charging your electric car in Hong Kong.
Q:How can I charge my electric car at home or in my car park?
Setting up your own home charger in Hong Kong can be challenging on the first sight. But don’t worry it is easier than a lot of people believe. In HK there are several institutions and guidelines that can support you to install your electric vehicle charging equipment. In our section “Charging your EV at home or in your car park” we provide a detailed overview about everything you need to know about charging your EV at home.
Q:How much does it cost to charge you EV in Hong Kong?
There are several ev-charging stations in Hong Kong where you can charge your electric car for free. Other charging providers may take membership fees. The cost of charging your EV at home can vary depending on equipment and installation cost. In our section “Cost of charging your EV in Hong Kong” we provide a detailed overview about everything you need to know about the cost of charging your EV in Hong Kong.